ConX Digital





December 2022 - January 2023 (2 months)




ConX.Digital is an award worthy, but more importantly, customercelebrated tech consultancy. The Brand is a B2B platform that helpsmarketers engage their audience, leverage new insights andimprove the customer journey. Collaborating with the founders, I had the opportunity to help shape the brand identity, aligning it with their vision.


After meeting with the founders of ConX Digital, they shared their vision of portraying the brand as a hero figure, akin to aiding businesses through Salesforce solutions. Their aspiration was to infuse a youthful essence into the brand, drawing inspiration from Wolverine logos. Their desired brand attributes included a blend of a relaxed yet professional demeanor, expertise, advisory services, consultancy, and a boutique vibe. The core concepts revolved around embodying the spirit of Wolverine and leveraging 'X' as an abbreviation symbolizing 'connect'.

Design process includes Research phase (empathize, define, ideate) and Design phase (prototype, test)).


I experimented with numerous sketches, focusing on key themes like Wolverine, connectivity, and boutique, aiming to integrate symbols representing the company's services into the 'X' from the name 'ConX'. After several iterations, we were pleased with the final outcome. The logo concept combines the letters C, X, and D, encapsulating the brand's essence and tone.

The design draws inspiration from the Wolverine logo. The 'X' signifies a blend of backward and forward icons, representing the consultancy nature of the brand—digital, interactive communication between customers and expert advisors.

Additionally, the 'D' incorporates elements from the 'C' and a small dot, symbolizing the specialized nature of the brand as a boutique firm. The dot also serves to link the circular shape of the 'C,' emphasizing the brand's emphasis on connectivity and facilitating connections.


The brand colors were deliberately selected to evoke a sense of youthful reliability and a blend of professionalism with a free-spirited touch. The primary gradient comprises:

  • Warm Blue: aims to welcome customers while instilling an immediate sense of trust.
  • Violet: signifies our unconventional and original spirit, adding a unique essence to our brand.
  • Sea Green: introduces a youthful and free-spirited element complementing the professional Warm Blue and distinctive Violet tones.

The accent palette is designed to complement the primary and neutral palettes. These accent colors serve a versatile purpose across various collateral, but their usage should be limited, avoiding dominance in any project.


In selecting typography, the goal was to find a typeface that balanced the boldness of the logo while exuding a youthful and robust essence. Ultimately, we chose Raleway, an elegant sans-serif typeface family. This font imparts a sense of comfort and personalization to the brand, achieving the desired ambiance.

For the secondary font, I aimed for a simple and universally readable option that complements the stylized Raleway font. Open Sans emerged as the perfect choice due to its compatibility with Raleway and its excellent readability.


In line with the main brand identity, I collaborated with the company to devise a style for their iconography. Embracing the youthful essence of the brand, I developed a series of icons characterized by bold, strong lines, predominantly in the vibrant main bright blue.


The new brand identity was launched in January 2023 and has been integrated across their social media platforms. It was a fantastic experience collaborating with the team :)